Covid-19 Measures

Knowlege is POWER


Eduline has introduced its own measures to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 that is aligned to Ministry of Health, Singapore. Please note that the current restrictions on points of gathering does not include Home Tuition. Home Tuition is allowed as it involves mainly 1 to 1 interaction between student & tutor.

Eduline needs the cooperation of both Tutors & Clients to actively participate & ensure that the health of everyone is protected at all times. We strive to promote a safe environment for students, tutors & their respective families.

For Tutors

1.       Kindly inform Eduline of all overseas travel for you or anyone that lives with you.

2.       Do not go for tuition if you are unwell.

3.       Wash or sanitize your hands on arrival at tuition location.

4.       Interact mainly with the student. Interactions with other family members only when required.

5.       Leave the tuition premises once the tuition session has concluded.

6.       Do not touch pets at the tuition premises.

7.       Kindly dispose all personal garbage at a point far enough from the tuition premises.


For Clients

1.       Kindly inform Eduline if anyone in your household has travelled overseas.

2.       Please reschedule tuition sessions if anyone in your household is unwell.

3.       Allow the tutor to wash or sanitize hands on entering the tuition premises.

4.       If serving drinks/food, only serve items with individual packings.


We seek the valued cooperation of both Clients & Tutors to protect the health & well-being of all of us.