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Recent events surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak has moved most learning structures to the online space. Students in all schools now use Home Based Learning (HBL) as the main learning system. Eduline Online Tuition uses a similar learning platform. Students are already familiar with this platform from HBL and they can greatly benefit from Eduline Online Tuition.

Eduline Online Tuition uses the 1 to 1 live-learning model. The student is allocated dedicated & personal instruction time with the tutor. This is vastly superior to HBL where the teacher attends to 20-30 students in an online “class” & the lessons are often pre-recorded videos.

Learn without the need to have the tutor physical present in the same geographical location. You get to learn from the best tutor without the tutor considering travel time/distance.

Using a commonly used virtual communication platform with audio/video & whiteboard facilities, learning is right at your fingertips within the safety & comfort of your own home.

Talk to us & we can help you to start learning instantly, effectively & safely.

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