Online Tutor-Handwriting Projection

Knowlege is POWER

Being able to upload what you write to the Zoom platform is a powerful tool that makes the online lesson effective

You only need your cellphone & a type of cellphone support to make this work

  • Log into the Zoom App on your cellphone.
  • You can also log into your Zoom account on your laptop. You can view the document without looking at the cellphone
  • Find a way to mount your cellphone above the document you intend to project for your student to view
  • Activate the Video on your Zoom App
  • You should be able to view the document on your laptop
  • The student sees the same image
  • You can then write on the document & the student will see it
  • You only need to figure out a way to mount your cellphone above the document
  • There are many commercial stands you can use

This a a Youtube video that might be helpful.

A simple cellphone support which clamps to a desk. The flexi-arm allows easy positioning & hold over the document